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We have the following qualifications:
• ISA Member / Arborist
• Quantified Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA)
• National Certificates in Parks and Recreation.
• National Certificate of Botanists.
• Health and Safety Management Certificate.
• Safe Work Chainsaw Operating Certificate.
• National First Aid Certificate.
• Labour Relations Certificate

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Accreditation Documentation

Health and Safety

Health & Safety

Occupational safety and health is a multidisciplinary field concerned with the safety, health and welfare of people at work.


Workmen’s Compensation

Workers’ compensation is a publicly-sponsored system that pays monetary benefits to workers who become injured or disabled in the course of their employment.


Tax Clearance Certificate

A tax clearance certificate (TCC) is a document issued by SARS confirming that the applicant’s tax affairs are in order.


Public and Personal Liability Insurance Policy

Public liability insurance is the commercial version of this insurance – it covers compensation costs if someone makes a claim against your business for injury or damage.

Our Associations

Dendrological Society

Dendrological Society

The tree science and conservation society of South Africa

Botanical Society of South Africa

Botanical Society of South Africa 

Committed to the Conservation of a unique wild Flower heritage

Tree Tags

Tree Tags




The International Plant Names Index

Green Works


An environmental awareness website that provides tips on how each of us can take steps in the green direction to reduce our impact on the Planet

Forestry South Africa

Forestry South Africa

Common Tree of the Year.
FSA is regarded by Government and the private sector alike as being the Industry’s “representative body”.

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