Safety & Environment

Safety & Environment

We take a proactive approach to all matters relating to the safety of our staff, the public and the environment. Our management systems are accredited for safety and occupational health. We are committed to achieving zero harm in the workplace, continually improving our systems, training, equipment and work ethics.

With a significant number of vegetation management employees and full-time contractors, our Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate is very low, and is considered a benchmark in the industry. We are constantly striving to eliminate all injury and occupational illness from the workplace. We are at the forefront in providing the safest plant and equipment for our people to work with. We have dedicated resources for the continual development, monitoring and regular review of our management systems.

As a leader in the tree care management industry, we accept our responsibility as a good corporate citizen to minimize our impact on the environment. Currently, we are initiating an independent review of our carbon footprint and will soon be embarking on projects to substantially reduce it.

As a matter of policy, we are serious about good arboricultural practices, and we always prune for the best health of the tree, thus maximizing the life of the trees.

Safety Equipment

Tree removal professionals are required to be covered from head to toe in protective gear before proceeding with a tree removal job. The OSHA outlines they wear head, eye, face, hearing, leg, and foot gear before operating chainsaws. They also wear additional safety gear on their skin when scaling a tree for defense against any poisons or possible harmful tree debris.

Tree removal professionals must always wear the following:

Safety Helmet

We are required to wear helmets or a face shield to defend against any falling tree debris so they don’t get a concussion. It’s also good for them in case they fall. These should also be able to protect them from electricity in case they fall back near a power line by absorbing the shock.

Safety Gloves

Heavy work gloves are another important piece of a tree service professional’s ensemble, as it defends their hands from any kind of cuts, bruises or infections from poisonous plants, insects or chemicals. These also allow them to have a better grip when scaling a tree and making cuts with a chainsaw.

Safety Glasses

Tree removal professionals need eye protection from the chainsaw debris and limbs while up in the tree or down on the ground cutting it into pieces. If they don’t wear a protective face shield, then they will either wear safety goggles or glasses to protect their eyes. This way their eyesight stays 20/20, and they avoid unnecessary accidents.

Ear Plugs

Research has shown that extended time without ear protection against chainsaw noise causes damage to the inner ear, which leads to long-term hearing damage. To combat against that, professionals wear earmuffs or ear plugs while operating the chainsaw. It protects their hearing while allowing them to still do the job.

Safety Boots

To get a better grip on the tree and protect their feet from work gear and tree debris, tree removal professionals need to have the right kind of shoes. They cannot wear regular tennis shoes to a work site. Boots with strap-on spikes are often required for optimal scaling and also steel-toed for protection from toppled limbs while cutting the tree up.

Chainsaw Protective Clothing

To operate a chainsaw safely, you need to have the right kind of clothing. This means having thick clothing that can handle any debris the chainsaw throws off while cutting, including rugged pants and jamming protective chap, sometimes made of Kevlar. The chaps also help in case the chainsaw comes too close.

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